Waiting for Murugesh ...

The importance of the coffee-person in any office can never be underestimated. He is, easily, the most venerated person; helping to soothe irate nerves and keep the peace.
His arrival is the most anticipated moment during the day. All work comes to a grinding halt when he's around, space cleared on cluttered tables, every eye on him, with thankful sighs resonating all around.

11 AM : OMG ! half hour more ! Why can't he come a little earlier?
11.10 AM : 20 minutes more! This is torture !!
11.20 AM : I give up. No more work can be done until i get some hot liquid down my throat. I wonder how i can pretend to be working until Murugesh arrives ....
11.30 AM : A smiling Murugesh walks in, with his usual "madam - tea or coffee?"
The whole atmosphere in the office changes. Frowns and scowls turn into smiles,everyone crowds around the "coffee-table" and the entire office echoes with happy chatter.

11.35 AM : the chatter dies down, everyone's back to their respective places, eagerly counting down to 4.30 PM ...

11.35 AM(IF murugesh hasn't turned up yet) : JF: "hello .. Murugesh, elli iddira? ( or, Murugesh, Goobe, bega barakkagalva!!)"
Murugesh: "Coming...coming.."
expectant faces looking wistfully at the clock and doorway; until the sound of Murugesh's footsteps on the kota brings a smile to their faces ..