5 years...in a nutshell.

Its too early to say goodbye, but one has to start somewhere...

Things I am going to miss about Chennai :

  • Evenings at the beach, listening to the waves, talking, living life.
  • Early morning shows @ Satyam, watching movies 3 rows from the screen.
  • Deluxe and Express 21G.
  • Travelling half the way across town for a case study, and ending up spending half the day waiting outside for permission.
  • Triples on TN 09 E 8833.
  • Getting off hurriedly if any of us sight a policeman.
  • "Combined study" , where most of the studying happens only after 10 PM the night before the exam.
  • Fights with the college watchman , EVERYDAY , about letting us in late.
  • Impulsive sleepovers, where we actually sleep.
  • Planned trips that NEVER go according to plan, but end up twice as much fun.
  • Infinite photo "sessions".
  • Trips that are meticulously planned, but never materialize.
  • The comfort in the knowledge that the only thing that separates me and a sympathetic shoulder is a phone.
  • Giggling like schoolgirls over silly things.
  • Fighting like bounden enemies, laughing the next minute like its only thing we know to do.
  • The numerous "I'm at....wru?" msgs.
  • Ladies' coach of the beach-bound trains.

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Vijay Krishnan said...

Ah...college life was it? Beach cricket n Elliots time pass during evenings are awol from my daily itinery :(