2006 - the year that was....

2006 - the year i.....

  • of the dog.
  • first went to "office", and earned money.
  • made new friends
  • rediscovered old ones.
  • learnt how to say goodbye
  • learnt to laugh at myself.
  • first drove a car.
  • felt truly liberated.
  • discovered methods to work around the system and get things done.
  • attended my best friend's wedding.
  • understood the real meaning of helpless.
  • accepted that bad habits don't necessarily make a person bad.
  • participated in my first dharna.
  • rode triples on a scooty.
  • felt like an adolescent again.
  • laughed, cried, prayed, hoped and wondered....

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...in the end, it was a year tat i will treasure.. forever.

Happy New Year!


Something i came across...
Am in the middle of exams..feeling utterly foolish at having to do something that i don't see any sense in doing.
All i could say was : "How true !! *sigh*"

Sometimes I am a little unkind to all my many friends in education ...
by saying that from the time it learns to talk every child makes a dreadfull nuisance of itself by asking "Why?".
To stop this nuisance society has invented a marvelous system called education which, for the majority of people, brings to an end their desire to ask that question.The few failures are known as scientists.

-- Hermann Bondi (Austrian/British mathematician/cosmologist,1919) in "Review of Cosmology", Montly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1948 108,107.



I'm on msn spaces too.
This new blog is a part of my "indexing" and "classification" attempt.
Lets see how it goes.

5 years...in a nutshell.

Its too early to say goodbye, but one has to start somewhere...

Things I am going to miss about Chennai :

  • Evenings at the beach, listening to the waves, talking, living life.
  • Early morning shows @ Satyam, watching movies 3 rows from the screen.
  • Deluxe and Express 21G.
  • Travelling half the way across town for a case study, and ending up spending half the day waiting outside for permission.
  • Triples on TN 09 E 8833.
  • Getting off hurriedly if any of us sight a policeman.
  • "Combined study" , where most of the studying happens only after 10 PM the night before the exam.
  • Fights with the college watchman , EVERYDAY , about letting us in late.
  • Impulsive sleepovers, where we actually sleep.
  • Planned trips that NEVER go according to plan, but end up twice as much fun.
  • Infinite photo "sessions".
  • Trips that are meticulously planned, but never materialize.
  • The comfort in the knowledge that the only thing that separates me and a sympathetic shoulder is a phone.
  • Giggling like schoolgirls over silly things.
  • Fighting like bounden enemies, laughing the next minute like its only thing we know to do.
  • The numerous "I'm at....wru?" msgs.
  • Ladies' coach of the beach-bound trains.


kick off !!!

Just signed up for a blogspot, hence, am still trying to figure this out.

The first post is dedicated to my friends from my first school in bangalore - Sudarshan Vidya Mandir.. who have, unknowingly, helped me in getting a new blogspot membership.
Thanks, guys.