What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say India ?
1. Indian food.
2. Curry
3.Convenience stores.
4. The bindi.
5. Water buffaloes
6. Cows !
7. Elephants
8. Are you a part of Asia ??
9. Castes.
10. I'm sure they have arranged marriages there still. Is it allowed for you to marry outside your "race" ?
Does not really relate to the real title here, but i still found it funny that someone asked me : "have you already been "promised" to somebody ?"


the web.

The complexity of human relationships amazes me. It is almost like geometry.. starts with lines, and before you know it, there is an intense web that is almost-unfathomable.

The lines in a relationship are a screen. They are also the base. The people are the building blocks. Emotion is the geometry that brings them together. It can be straight. It can be twisted. It can be simple. It can be complex. It can be apparent. It can be enigmatic. It can be aesthetic. It can be ugly. At the end, it is a simple ordering principle that life is based on.

We are born inside a pre-designed web. A system that will hold us when we try to stick out hands out. After a while, we learn the ropes. We start experimenting, first with the nose, then with the hands and then the legs. Before we know it, we have mastered the art and are ready to break out of the web. The break-out leaves a gaping hole. Sometimes, we try to fix by trying to repair the hole so that it does not look like the outline of our body. Most times, we just learn to live with it. Leave the hole open so that we can go back whenever we want to. Hope that with time, the hole will heal itself, and look more ordered, restoring the original geometry so that it does not look so mangled anymore. Hope that with time, the hole will become a doorway, a legitimate entrance / exitway.

Sometimes, the web fails. Thats what tests our strength. Some of us are strong enough to hold the web together and help re-weave it, some of us are strong enough to get out of the web unscathed, some a little bruised, some just cave in.

It does not affect us so much if the web that we created caves in , because we know that we are capable of weaving it again, with, maybe a slight shift in axis or a change in the ordering geometry; but it does affect us when the pre-designed web collapses. We get so comfortable with the web that we are unable to comprehend the changes. We are not sure if we can repair the web, we might not like the changes made to it.

In the end, we learn to live. The lines might have been truncated, twisted, some completely erased. We learn to live with the changed geometry. We become active participants in the creation of the geometry and learn to love it. That is what we all live for.