2006 - the year that was....

2006 - the year i.....

  • of the dog.
  • first went to "office", and earned money.
  • made new friends
  • rediscovered old ones.
  • learnt how to say goodbye
  • learnt to laugh at myself.
  • first drove a car.
  • felt truly liberated.
  • discovered methods to work around the system and get things done.
  • attended my best friend's wedding.
  • understood the real meaning of helpless.
  • accepted that bad habits don't necessarily make a person bad.
  • participated in my first dharna.
  • rode triples on a scooty.
  • felt like an adolescent again.
  • laughed, cried, prayed, hoped and wondered....

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...in the end, it was a year tat i will treasure.. forever.

Happy New Year!


Vijay Krishnan said...

Quite a nice yearly roundup...definitely gets us thinking on what we need to get going in the new year! (I check comments on blogspot once in a long while)

പ്രശോബ് കുമാര്‍ പി said...

nice blog...