Two of my best friends moved half-way across the world recently. I will be honest and say that i am not very thrilled about the situation.I'm happy for them and all that, but i'm sure that mini forest will miss us.
To quote mastercard, "there are some things in the world money can't buy". Best friends are definitely one of them. There are a few people i call "best friend". As i recently realised, the definition differs with every person.
I love each one of them equally, no doubt about that; i just love them "equally-differently".
There are some people who will patiently listen to all the nonsense that i tell them; and not judge me for whatever i say; there are some others who will not hesitate to put their foot down and say "Shut-up, Jyotsna ; you're making no sense" :P
There are some people who will give in to your crazy whim; some others who will warn you of the consequences before you attempt to do something irrational; and still NOT say "i told you so", once yu come out with your ego bruised.

If this post is not making any sense, it is because i am not able to see too much sense right now. But, i truly believe that ....
"As our lives change, come whatever, we will still be, friends forever" .


the persistence of time said...

so finally u were able to blog. not what i expected though. :)

Prarthana Ravishankar said...

u wanted my comments??
here goes...
The Smallest Moments Spent with Friends Brings us the Biggest Joys.Life is what we make it, and partly what it is made by the Friends whom we chose.
Nice post...I would suggest that u make ur blog a lil more colorful and attractive!!