peer pressure ..

oof ! too much blog-competition these days.
since i have already been blacklisted, i have decided to sit back and watch from the sidelines.
so, competitors; take it away !! lets see who has the last laugh. :)


Sivaguru said...

you have not been blacklisted...
you have been 'blog-listed'!
be careful when laughing from the sidelines - and make sure that your sides do not split from the fun - and the best way to enjoy the fun is to be a part of it..

Malu said...

Come On Jyotsna be a part of the competition !
You can beat them fair and square!

Jyotsna said...

@ MC ..
thanks forthe confidence in me .
this is just strategy; to put everyone off track. and then kaboom ; they won't know what hit them !!

Malu said...

Jyots ... Come on I do not see you Blogging these days !