Indian Standards....

Visited the FORD factory recently.
I was amazed by the discipline of the employees there. Every regulation was adhered to, every rule followed.
If it said NO CROSSING, the employees would take a circuitous route, to avoid the crossing.
All safety goggles and ear plugs were worn, open shoes banned, pedestrian movement restricted to specific areas and everything was in its place.
The campus was spic and span. Not a speck of dust on the roads, not a piece of stray litter on hte ground.
Felt like a dream - a place that was not India, where we believe that "rules are made to be broken".
A place that can proudle claim to set "Indian Standards".

The personalised safety warnings and caution signs, along with encouraging measures like the safety green cross did help.

This visit stirred new hope. Hope of an awakened India. Where everyone believes that" Swasth Bharath ke liye zaroori hai swasth parivar". Where rules are followed. Where roads are clean, traffic smooth and lawlessness minimum.
A country that we are proud of. Proud to be a part of.
A country where we can proudly say "Mera Bharath Mahan". In all respects.


vignesh said...

Hi Jyotsna !made interesting Reading ..
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Gnanes said...

is this ur original article...remember reading the same in rediff ...??