Being an Indian cricket fan......

Being an Indian Cricket Fan (ICF) is hard work!

You are subjected to such a rough roller coaster ride, with emotions rising and falling every day. You have to go from being deliriously happy on one day to utterly dejected the next.

Everyone is expected to be an expert of the game. The nitty-gritties of the game are lost in the larger picture - who's who's girlfriend? Who's doing what endorsements? Who's getting more than money than whom?

There are so many birthdays to kep track of, so much family history to know, so many children's names to remember, not to mention their likes / interests!

There are so many interviews to watch, so many debates to partake, so many opinions to understand and give. whew!

There is so much stress involved in the post-match analyses; so much energy spent in talking about every player's performance.

There is so much to protest about, so much more to feel disappointed about.

Days, weeks, even months are fueled by cricket scores.We pray feverishly for miracles, rain, sun or inclement weather in remote locations.Superstition touches a new high, with even "scientific" people turning into morons!

The entire country is united by the same 'mantra' ; where the young and old, rich and poor, godmen and mortals come out in hordes, each trying to please the Gods and the team in their own way.

The productivity / mood swings with the fortunes of the team. We hope and pray that there's no immportant exam or presentation the day after India has lost a match, we need time to come to terms with the loss, you see!

With so much cricket being played these days, it is, indeed surprising that the ICF finds time to do other things, like, work, for instance!


vignesh said...

Hi jyotsna ...

I am really not into cricket .. But I feel it is an highly overrated ,over hyped game in India ..with the cricketers literally worshipped ,iconised ofcourse secondary to bollywood bigwigs !( pun intented !)With such a large population we are complacent getting just 1 or 2 silver and some bronze in the olympics ..but when it comes to cricket we become fanatical and it assumes national importance ..wonder what is there in this game which is not there in other sports ...

the persistence of time said...

icf is indian or islander? :P

the persistence of time said...

and i didnt know u kept track of all the gf's and birthdays and all. cool cool. nice memory u have. :D

Jyotsna said...

@ Suhasa..

Indian only.
Indian Cricket Fan.
If yu also want to joing hte coterie, yu are most welcome.
But, as Indian cricket fan only!!

the persistence of time said...

well i might want to. but u kinda scaring me. i didnt know u had to keep track of players' b'days, gf,son's daughters and all. u have set high std's in that regard. a lil daunting.

Jyotsna said...

Its easy, if yu have people around you who can remember trivia like that!
Just make sure yu have a fan of every player as yur friend ... and a gen. gossip monger - to give you the latest updates!! :P

Jyotsna said...

Hi aunty...
It is a wonderful game.. that has been helped by all the media hype and all the sponsors' money.
In all the tamasha surrounding India's debacle at the WC, we forgot one little detail - Vishwanathan Anand's elevation to THe World no 1 position.
Surely, THAT is more important to talk about , than all these people who are doing more harm than good to Indian sport ?